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The Plant People are a full service interior plant design company. We have been servicing a variety of businesses located throughout San Francisco since 1995.​ We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in the quality of service we provide along with excellence in customer satisfaction. Our experience has taught us that each business has very individual requirements. We give personal attention the needs and desires of our clients.

Office Plants Plant Rental Plant Maintenance

Get your green on :)

Office Plants Plant Rental Plant Maintenance

A breath of fresh air!

Create a vibrant atmosphere in your business by bringing nature indoors!

Plants play an integral part to every interior. By adding plants to your home or business, you can help clean many harmful toxins found in your indoor environment. Not only will you improve indoor air quality, plants can improve the appearance of any room and bring it to life. Fill empty corners, create dimension and transform blank walls and unused areas into attractive features with plants.

The Plant People will help you select and arrange your plants to bring out the best features in your business. We will design your indoor landscape to work both functionally and aesthetically. And best of all, we provide care and maintenance to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

Office Plants Plant Rental Plant Maintenance

Psychological benefits:

The presence of green plants in your home or office will not only add beauty to the surroundings but will also have a positive impact on mood, creativity, and work productivity.  According to researchers, presence of plants increases our potential and capacity to perform better at work by 12%.  Plants play a big part in reducing stress levels and tension.  As we all know green color has a positive affect on person’s psychology and can ease tension.  Other studies have shown that clients and customers feel more at peace and will often spend more time and money in green environments.

Plants have proven to be important life supporters in that they remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. The NASA studies found that plants also work in a symbiotic relationship to remove air pollutants produced by other plants, people and industry. Trace chemicals in the atmosphere are absorbed and biodegraded by plant leaves and roots, the soil, and micro-organisms. Virtually every tropical foliage and flowering plant works to remove pollutants from the interior environment, and particular plants are better at removing certain toxins. The studies found that one potted plant per 100 square feet of floor space can help clean the air in the average home or office, although the addition of more plants would increase the rate of pollutant removal.

Office Plants Plant Rental Plant Maintenance

Why choose The Plant People?

- We are women owned and operated, founded in 1995, we have been educated through experience in all aspects of our industry.

- We have a personal investment in the quality of service we provide and always strive to do our best.  We truly love our work, and appreciate all of the encompassing benefits of the service we provide.  We love our clients and always bring a cheerful attitude into your office

- We hold ourselves responsible for the plants that are dependent on us and for the commitments we have made to our clients.

 - We are committed to our service and the relationships we develop with our clients.  Your requests will be met directly by your account manager.

- We understand and respect the privacy, security, and safety of our clients and their employees.

- Our suppliers warehouse the products we provide allowing us to pass the overhead savings on to you.

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